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Enjoying orgasms after having a baby

07-10-2016   Orgasms

For a lot of couples, having a baby means a great deal of changes and re-orienting the priority list. For mums in particular babies can send sex, orgasms and sleep to the bottom of the list.


But sexual enjoyment doesn't have to disappear.

Your orgasms can change after giving birth.  According to Samantha Darby’s article on romper.com there are many changes to your body that could make it harder to achieve orgasm or you may find that your orgasms are actually better than ever. Everyone is different so the only way to find out is to give it a go, taking it slowly, with plenty of lubrication and maybe a toy to help ease you back in gently.

Once you’re comfortable, and you want to make the most of those opportunities either by yourself or with your partner, you may want to enjoy a “blended orgasm”.

What is a blended orgasm? According to self.com when they spoke with Ian Kerner, author of ‘She Comes First’, if you work your G-spot and clitoris you will have an even more powerful experience which is great for those somewhat infrequent opportunities.

Read more on the findings and the science by heading over to self.com


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