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Keeping your hormones in check

07-10-2016   Wellbeing

We all know that yoga is good for toning, strengthening and relaxing but did you know that the benefits go much further?


According to the team over at In Style, where they attended a hormonal yoga class, they found that yoga helps re-balance hormones by working deeply on the nervous system. By practicing yoga and slowing down your breathing, you help to re-balance many areas of the body. The yogi they spoke with, Deepa Moodgal, said it’s also fantastic for individuals who suffer from bad PMS as it helps stimulate the glands linked to hormone production and it helps calm the mind and body.

Hormonal imbalance displays itself in various forms including anxiety, mood swings, hot flushes, sleeplessness, fatigue and more. These symptoms may not be directly related to your hormones so it’s always good to speak to your GP or pharmacist.

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