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Top tips if you struggle to orgasm

11-11-2016   Orgasms

A couple of weeks ago we had a look at why some women don’t feel pleasure during sex.

Over at Women’s Health Magazine, they’ve put together a list of the top tips from key sex experts to help:

1. Use fantasies to help you turn off your anxiety and get turned on. Studies have shown that the closer a woman gets to orgasm, the more parts of the brain associated with stress and anxiety deactivate.

2. Masturbate more. Most women don't self-stimulate enough which can result in orgasm issues related to a lack of awareness about what stimulation works best for them. Women who masturbate more tend to have more confidence in the bedroom and less shame about their bodies which can be huge orgasm inhibitors.

Regular masturbation should be considered medicinal, as it can help to regulate hormones, keep the vagina well lubricated, and increase arousal. - Certified sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D.

3. Design a Pre-Sex ritual. With orgasm issues frequently rooted in anxiety and stress, it’s recommended to do something that relaxes you like yoga or meditation.

4. Enjoy the Journey. The more you enjoy the feeling of the experience and discovery the more relaxed you will be.

5. Work Together. Touch yourself while your partner is pleasuring you. Use the same techniques that work while you’re masturbating.

6. Be Gentle. It’s very easy to over stimulate the area.

7. Master Mindfulness. Get in the moment. Sex a fantastic opportunity to think about what’s right in front of you.

8. Own Your Orgasm. Think of it as a gift that you share with your partner, not something that they're expected to do all the work for.


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