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Why you may want to go commando

18-11-2016   Health

According to a report, some women have given up on wearing underwear.

Not just because they can be very uncomfortable but because they can apparently lead to some serious health problems.

In an article from Marie Claire, Dr Nicholas Raine-Fenning, a gynaecologist from Nature in Nottingham states that “wearing the wrong knickers can cause major problems”. They state that it would be better to wear no underwear rather than the wrong type. For example, Nylon underwear has a high risk factor for irritation so wearing these at night is an absolute no go and if you have to wear them during the day it’s best to do so only for a short period of time.

Tight control pants can put huge pressure on the abdomen which can increase the risk of prolapse if the pressure is directed to the pelvis or create the effect of a hiatus hernia if pushed towards the diaphragm. In any case it means your stomach and oesophagus are pushed back into your chest, possibly leading to reflux.

Think about that the next time your looking for new underwear - the emperors new clothes may be your best option.


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