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Are you part of the revolution?

07-10-2016   Self-confidence

Are you part of the second sexual revolution?


Take this Quiz from the Daily Mail and read their article on post-menopausal sexual awakening and the experience of many baby boomers who now find themselves at the forefront of a second sexual revolution which is perhaps challenging the ultimate taboo — late life sex.



Give yourself two points if you answer A, one point for B and no points for C — and then read on to find out how you can increase your sexual confidence.

1. A peek in your underwear drawer reveals:
A: Sexy styles that make you feel confident both in the bedroom and out 
B: Classic feminine shapes that are comfortable and pretty
C: Practical basics that do the job but little more

2. Which word sums up your sex life?
A: Thrilling
B: Satisfactory
C: Mediocre

3. A handsome stranger at a party starts flirting with you. Do you...
A: Think nothing about flirting back — it’s harmless fun
B: Accept his compliments with good grace while keeping your guard up
C: Feel incredibly awkward and slink away as fast as possible

4. What’s your attitude to ageing?
A: Every year allows me to flourish further; I feel liberated in my body and mind
B: It doesn’t bother me too much; I try not to think about it
C: Terrible; I hate every new line and hide away from the world

5. Your partner suggests trying something new in the bedroom. Do you...
A: Feel open-minded about it; you never know unless you try
B: Feel embarrassed about breaking away from what you know but are willing to hear him out
C: Feel mortified and point-blank refuse to take it any further

6. You’re invited to a party with the dress code ‘Dress To Impress’. You wear:
A: A daring style that attracts compliments all night
B: The same old flattering, kneelength dress that you know works on your shape
C: A figure-hiding frock that disguises your shape

7: You wish your sex life could...
A: Keep on providing new experiences and sensations
B: Break out of its routine
C: Give you pleasure



0-5 Your confidence in the bedroom is severely lacking and you may be unduly worried about ageing. Talking to your partner will help and it may be worth trying some confidence-boosting activities. 
6-10 Your sex life may have slipped into something of a rut and doesn’t thrill you any more. 
11-14 Your twilight years have given you unbridled sexual confidence and you are making the most of it.


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