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How honest are you with your partner?

16-12-2016   Exploration

You may have a mortgage together, know each other’s favourite tipple but how well do you know about each other’s sexual fantasies?


According to an article on Pop Sugar you shouldn’t worry as you are apparently in the ‘overwhelming majority’.

“Even in long-term monogamous relationships, we've been trained to keep our deepest sexual fantasies handcuffed to us like a briefcase filled with nuclear codes.”

Although we all have daydreams and scenarios we create in our minds to get us going, there’s a gap between our ability to fantasise and actually share them with another individual.

So how do you strip away anxieties and introduce your deepest darkest fantasies into your everyday sex life and admit your sexual fantasy to your partner? The happiest long-term couples provide their advice which they agree pays off big time.

Here are four things that allow the happiest sexually adventurous couples do to bring their sexual fantasies to life:

  1. Introduce the idea by telling your partner they’re an essential part of your fantasy to let them know that you seen them as a vital part of your sexual dream life.
  2. Explore your fantasy options. If you’re not sure what you’re into yet, or you want to find something that works for you both, a great way to find inspiration is to start with a subscription service like The Fantasy Box.
  3. Allow yourself to laugh. It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable so to help remove your barriers and the best way to help make ourselves feel less nervous and unsure is to laugh. Don’t take it too seriously.
  4. Learn and adapt with strong communication. Talk to each other about what’s working and what’s not. Once you finally try that fantasy you’ve had for years, it may not have played out quite as you imagined. Learn from this and see what you can do to improve the experience.

“Adventurous couples find ways to share their sexual fantasies with each other. Try to keep the lines of communication open while you're testing out new fantasies. Everyone is unique, so don't be afraid to mix and match, alter, change, and customise your experience to discover what works best for you, both individually and as a couple.”


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