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What really will change your life?

13-01-2017   Wellbeing

Typically, holiday’s have been a welcome opportunity to take some time out on daily life, to experience something different, relax and enjoy the fine wines and dinning of another culture.


On returning, we have a list of ideas we’re going to implement, with a renewed energy and perspective. Most of us have the best of intentions to radically change our lives, but quickly settle back in to our old routines.

According to a recent article in Vogue, some of the serious destination spas are looking to develop the idea of real change further. Aiming to take a longer, more reflective approach to your wellbeing they have the effect of allowing you to truly embrace change in your life.

“Wellness retreats are the new holiday choice for overworked, overachieving urbanites.”


Kamalaya is a beautiful spa and wellness retreat surrounded by the beaches and coconut trees of Koh Samui in Thailand.

The Vana Malsi Estate in India is an ashram and wellness retreat with an emphasis on healing.

The Golden Door in California, where mindfulness and improvement sessions are available alongside personal training and daily massages.

Other retreats combine time away from home with a subtle hint towards new life decisions.


You start every day with yoga in a hut on the edge of a forest, and then return there at the end of the day to reflect on the changes within yourself, which is the part that guests credit with helping them shift their mindsets.


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