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Love yourself

24-02-2017   Self-confidence

Love yourself.


In recent years, the movement of body positivity has seen a boost in popularity and awareness, particularly across social media. There are communities of like-minded individuals coming together to help spread the word.

Alison Stevenson has written an article about the subject over on Headspace

Self-love is is purely about how you feel about you, not what others think or feel. This sentiment is becoming more mainstream and helping people change their mindset about things like diets, obsessing over counting calories and watching the scales.

Social media has provided a platform for people to be able to share their own experiences of learning to love themselves which has helped give others confidence to open up and find self-respect.

Body positivity is different for everyone, and that’s what’s beautiful about it. - Alison Stevenson

Although the recognition of body positivity is moving in the right direction, its still not as widely accepted as it could and should be.

Our friends at NESTMAVEN have some great resources on mindfulness and a superb article highlighting how mindfulness can contribute to enhanced positive feelings about our bodies and leading a balanced lifestyle. 


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