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How the vibrator experience has changed!

25-04-2017   Orgasms

Don't expect modern vibrators to be the hilarious old buzzing monstrosities they once were!

I will never forget my first vibrator. It was massive, pink, had ears, it was very loud and a little scary. I bought it in Edinburgh with my first boyfriend at the age of 21. When we took it back to our hotel, we both lay on the bed, put it on the floor, switched it on and laughed. We laughed a lot! How was that going to be a turn-on I thought?

Oh how things have changed. Over the years I have had numerous vibrators, often just the small lipstick style ones as anything larger seemed slightly intimidating. I have never been one to use them with partners, as I never felt the need. I have also been very sexually confident in my own ability and what I like. Until this Christmas.

On Christmas Eve every year, my husband and I give each other a small gift after all the wrapping is finished, the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. It is our Christmas moment: just the two of us and a glass of wine. This year, I opened my little present to find a very stylish and smart black box, and immediately assumed I was getting a posh new watch. It had the name EVA engrained onto it and I had no idea what it was. As you can imagine I was a little shocked to open it and find what looked like a tiny green backpack, which turned out to be a vibrator – one unlike any I had seen before. I also discovered it was a present that both partners could enjoy; as you can imagine Christmas Eve turned out very nicely.

So the point of this little story is don’t be put off vibrators because of what you had 10 years ago. Things have changed, and I am a complete convert: Eva now stays in a very handy place in my bedside draw, just in case!

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