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One Summer's Evening - An Erotic Story: Part 1

26-06-2017   Exploration

A summer's evening at the pub makes for an exceptionally erotic encounter.

You arrive at the pub slightly earlier than planned. When you get out of your car you can smell the sea and it instantly makes you feel good. You walk in and realise I haven’t yet arrived, so you grab a drink at the bar to relax. As you take your first sip you catch a glimpse of my hair as I walk in through the door and your heart quickens. I am wearing a little summer dress and flat shoes; you instantly wonder if I am wearing my little black knickers underneath. The shape of my body has you already wanton, and with one look I can tell you have me undressed.

I come over to you and kiss you gently on the lips, with just a little hint of my tongue brushing yours. We decide to sit outside as the night is warm and we’ll have a little more privacy there. As we grab a bottle of wine and you follow me outside you are close enough for me to feel your breath on the back of my neck. We sit down beside each other and I absent-mindedly place my hand on your lap, squeezing your leg gently as I smile at you.

The evening is great; we drink a few bottles of wine and invariably the conversation turns to sex. It’s nothing explicit, just a few stories, but enough to get us both turned on and feel the fire rising inside our loins. We finish our meal and the last of the wine; it has already got dark but we had not noticed. We start to walk back to my house, holding hands and with purpose in our step. Just as we near the darkest part of the road I turn to you and kiss you, softly at first but it quickly descends into more. You wrap your arms around me pulling me into you and instantly I can feel you harden against me. You run your hands up my legs and ever so slowly lift my dress. You pull away from me slightly giving me a knowing nod and without warning you have slipped a finger inside me, exploring, pressing and moving to my rhythm…


To be continued...