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One Summer's Evening: Part 2

26-06-2017   Exploration

Things start to heat up on the way home...


As we stand in the middle of the dark road, your kiss suddenly becomes more passionate, urging me to submit to you. You move your finger inside me more intensely now, and I push back, feeling myself grow wetter as my lust for you grows. I feel your hardness pushing against my leg, and all I can think about is having you inside me; it feels so illicit. It takes every ounce of my self control to pull away, and we stare at each other for a split second, surprised by the sexual electricity that is coursing between us. Quickly, we walk on, keen to get back to privacy so we can explore each other more fully.

At the door we pause as I fumble for my keys; like a pair of excited teenagers, we can't wait for what comes next. Inside, I make you sit on the sofa and I fetch you a drink - anticipation has its benefits. I return, handing you a glass and sitting between your legs. As you take a sip, I run my hand up your leg again as I did in the pub, but this time push higher until I feel your sex. With a smile, I massage you gently, and feel you pulse as my fingertips caress you. Without asking, I unbutton your trousers and pull them down, freeing you. On my knees now, I look up at you and smile, then take you all quickly into my mouth. The feeling is more than you had hoped for, and you can't resist moaning and throwing your head back in delight. I feel you swell, but I don't want to end it this way. I stop and stand up, taking off my dress and letting you look at my body before walking off to the bedroom. You follow me without a word...


To be continued!