What is Lubricant and why use it?

You might hear it called personal lubricant, sex lube or something similar, but what is it, and why is it important to use the right one?

First, it is best to understand why you might need to use a lubricant. During sex or any type of sexual arousal a woman's vagina is designed to become lubricated ready for sex. However, many women suffer from dryness in the vagina often making sex painful or uncomfortable. For anal sex, lube is a must, as the body doesn't produce its own.

Lubricant is a liquid or gel either water based or silicone based. It can be used during sex in the vagina or anus, or spread on a penis or sex toy. The result is the same: friction is reduced, and everyone stays happy!

Which lubricant should I use?

At Sent to Thrill we sell two different types of lube.

YES organic water based lubricant contains certified organic ingredients, and has no smell, no taste and most importantly no stickiness, plus it can be used safely with condoms and sex toys. We also loved the product because it was designed by two women who couldn't find an organic lube that suited their purposes, and we love working with other independent companies.

YES Organic Water Based Lubricant
YES Organic Water Based Lubricant

We also stock Sutil Luxe Body Glide lube. This is made solely using eco-certified ingredients, and again is water based and taste free. It is created in Canada and Sent to Thrill are the only stockists in the UK. It provides a light, discreet and long lasting body glide giving the user a sensual pleasure not often experienced before.

Sent to Thrill do not stock oil-based lubricants, and we strongly recommend these should not be used, especially with latex condoms, as they have been shown to significantly weaken them. Oil-based lubricants include petroleum jelly, hand cream and baby oil.

How to use lube/lubricant during sex?

A woman's natural wetness can vary depending on a number of factors, including stress, medication, the menopause and the use of birth control pills. When lube is used during sex it can make penetration easier and much more fun! It is probably best kept in a bedside drawer, and our advice is to try it out yourself first on your own. Put a small amount on your hand and rub it into or onto the desired area. You do not have to use a lot of lube to make things suddenly a whole lot more slippery!




I regularly buy lube from Sent To Thrill. It's a quick and discrete service. John M, Durham

Thanks to the help from the team at sent to thrill in chossing the right products for me, I can feel a real difference in my pelvic floor strength. Helen T, Edinburgh

The quality of the product and the almost "exclusive" feeling of the surrounding packaging make the Iris feel like a high-end product. Natalie, London

YES Organics - it has changed our lives! Juliet M - West Sussex

Received my toy today and I am very impressed with the quality and the service. Many thanks, I look forward to ordering my next one.....;)

Thank you! I have bought my first sex toy thanks to the easy to choose range.

the packaging was gorgeous and fantastic from the discrete outer box to the wonderfully gifted packaging inside. Thanks Jane P

We have the Osphero which does what it says on the packet, a good starter product which is not too overwhelming to use and pretty quiet. The packaging is tasteful in design. The product is simple to use.

It arrived in a very discrete box and was a pleasure to open x

The Orchis is a really beautiful product; ergonomic, lovely material and really good at doing what it needs to!