What is a vibrator?

We know that some of you may be new to the world of toys for the bedroom, and you might be wondering exactly what vibrators are. In essence, vibrators are sexual toys which can be used to give and enhance erotic stimulation and pleasurable feelings. Vibrators usually stimulate certain erogenous zones such as the clitoris, vagina or anus. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are varying models and different makes and sizes. You can use them alone or when playing with others.

How to use a vibrator

Vibrators are also designed differently depending on how you use them. You can have a vibrator that is used solo like the Wandra, Felix, Juba, designed to be used internally or to stimulate the clitoris, penis or anus externally. Others such as the Eva are designed to be used with a partner. This stimulates both the man and the woman, and can lead to some explosive orgasms! The team at Sent to Thrill have created a range of first time vibrators called Playthings. We also offer vibrators for the more experienced user.

The Felix Vibrator
The Felix Vibrator
Our Osphero Vibrator
Our Osphero Vibrator

Why use a vibrator?

At Sent to Thrill, we believe that purchasing and owning a vibrator should be all about choice. You get to choose which type to buy, how to use it, and even who to use it with (if anyone!). We believe this choice empowers women (and men) to achieve pleasure and satisfaction on their own terms. Plus, using a vibrator is fun!

The Auroria vibrator
The Auroria vibrator

Why buy a vibrator from Sent to Thrill?

Sent to Thrill isn't a large company run by men in suits – it was set up by Shelley and Franco, a couple with a young family who felt there was a gap in the market for good quality, well-designed and simple to use sexual wellbeing products which includes vibrators. They felt that vibrators should be a pleasure to touch and hold. Most of the vibrators chosen by the Sent to Thrill team are rechargeable by USB which is much easier than searching for batteries. At Sent to Thrill, you won't find tacky plastic vibrators with leaky batteries! All of our vibrators have been tested by a close circle of women and men of all ages.

We also want to make purchasing from Sent to Thrill an enjoyable experience. Our aim is for the website to be simple to navigate, and totally secure, and for the range of products to be well curated so that you're not overwhelmed by choice. When your purchases are dispatched, they have been beautifully packaged and you will receive a discrete but very special parcel.

Our best-selling vibrators

Our best-selling vibrators are the Eva, Felix and the Auroria. Eva is a fantastic new vibrator designed by Dame Products. Dame is another new company, set up by two fantastic ladies who have designed products for women, by women. Eva is designed to stay in place during sex so both partners can enjoy it, allowing you to go hands free and move around. The great thing about the Eva is that it can be used solo or with a partner.

Another best seller from Sent to Thrill is Felix – a playful little character. Felix will fit just perfectly on either side of your clitoris, giving you the most intense vibes. With seven different pleasure waves, Felix offers something for everyone. Also with such a funky design Felix could sit on your bedside table and no one would ask a question!

The Eva vibrator
The Eva vibrator



YES Organics - it has changed our lives! Juliet M - West Sussex

The Iris looks lovely, it's a vibrant pink and feels super soft. Abigail M, Dorset

the packaging was gorgeous and fantastic from the discrete outer box to the wonderfully gifted packaging inside. Thanks Jane P

Thanks to the help from the team at sent to thrill in chossing the right products for me, I can feel a real difference in my pelvic floor strength. Helen T, Edinburgh

The Orchis is a really beautiful product; ergonomic, lovely material and really good at doing what it needs to!

I regularly buy lube from Sent To Thrill. It's a quick and discrete service. John M, Durham

I feel really positive about the fact that I am taking charge of strengthening my pelvic floor - something that could very easily have dragged on and on, and no doubt would have deteriorated with age. Amanda H, Birmingham

It arrived in a very discrete box and was a pleasure to open x

The packaging is great! Loved receiving and opening the box.

We have the Osphero which does what it says on the packet, a good starter product which is not too overwhelming to use and pretty quiet. The packaging is tasteful in design. The product is simple to use.